Tunes From the Singing Tower

(Where carillons ring out on the seaside.)

Marble Station

I originally wanted a musical name for this blog and desired Marble Station, but I’m afraid that someone claimed it. Instead, I thought of the Bok Tower (see last entry) and how it was constructed of pink marble and coquina stone, so I went for the “coquinamarble” moniker and referenced the carillons that gave the structure the nickname of “the Singing Tower” for the blog title. Anyway, the first song I shall post here is the inspiration behind the name I originally wanted to choose. Marble Station is a song recorded in 1980 by a Danish group called Sort Sol. I believe that it originally appeared on an album called Under en Sort Sol that was credited to The Sods, which was the former name of the group. Ivo Watts-Russell of the 4AD label adored this song so much that he issued it as the A-Side of a single that featured another track from the same album, “Misguided“, on the flip. This song subsequently appeared on the very limited edition Natures Mortes – Still Lives compilation. Its b-side also appeared fifteen years later on the — also limited edition — CD reissue.

As for the music, it’s dominated by a stumbling/stuttering rhythm and low bass rumble. It sounds roughly like the halfway point between Crispy Ambulance’s “Concorde Square” and The Names – “Nightshift“, which makes it all the more impressive that Martin Hannett NEVER had a hand in producing this. Sort Sol would later issue several more albums over the next two decades and achieved moderate success in Denmark.

Natures Mortes – Still Lives is out of print, as is the reissue of Under en Sort Sol from what I can tell, but you can probably find more of both releases on Soulseek or something.


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