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FAC 501 – Tony Wilson’s coffin.

(The link above is for those who have no clue about who he is, God forbid.)

I’ve been meaning to do a tribute to him (as many others in the blogosphere undoubtedly have) but I’ve been sidetracked and constantly occupied, so only now am I able to post any songs. I’ll just let these songs below speak for his legacy. By the way, his coffin really is the final Factory catalogue number.

ESG – “Moody”
(These South Bronx girls — and one guy — got their start of course with Factory, and then 99 issued an expanded version of their EP shortly afterward.)

Miaow – “When It All Comes Down”
(C30, C60, C86, go!)

The Railway Children – “Brighter”
(Issued in 1987 on their Reunion Wilderness record.)

Crispy Ambulance – “Concorde Square”
(This one’s an admittedly cheeky choice. Wilson loathed the six-minute outro. Factory Benelux issued the Live on a Hot August Night single instead, and it prompted him to quip, “Without Gregorian chants, who the Hell are Factory Benelux?” In fact, I think there was a three-minute edit released on a compilation for Factory US where they quoted him when they decided to subtitle that mix of it.)

Crawling Chaos – “Creamo Coyl”
(I’m not sure what I can write about this one, but I enjoy it!)

Happy Mondays – “Dennis and Lois”
(Underrated album track from Pills ‘n’ Thrills ‘n’ Bellyaches. I think this is my mother’s favorite song of theirs.)

Kevin Hewick – “Ophelia’s Drinking Song/Cathy Clown”
(FAC 48, you make my heart ache.)

The Names – “Nightshift”
The Names – “I Wish I Could Speak Your Language (Pre-Mix)”
(Possibly the best single ever released by Factory? Maybe. “Nightshift” might have been Martin Hannett’s best production effort, too.)

The Durutti Column feat. Jeremy Kerr (A Certain Ratio) – “Sleep Will Come”
(A fitting finale. It was originally written for Ian Curtis, admittedly.)

Buy Miaow, The Names, The Durutti Column, Crispy Ambulance, Happy Mondays, Crawling Chaos, ESG, Kevin Hewick, and The Railway Children.

Official sites for Crawling Chaos, The Durutti Column, Crispy Ambulance, Happy Mondays, Cath Carroll (Miaow), The Railway Children, and Kevin Hewick!


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